Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some Nice Debate Questions

A while back, I asserted that, since Obama is unlikely to debate McCain as much as McCain--undoubtedly the underdog--will want, McCain should simply publish some pointed questions for Obama and wait for press to force Obama to answer them.

Well, that cuts both ways. And, while I'm sure that Obama is unlikely to frame his questions the same way that George Will has, I think Will has come up with some doozies. I'd certainly like to hear answers to these.

BTW, please note that dreaded "Obama pivot" is now in fullforce and McCain's not handling it so well. The Democrats are just as adept at mudslinging and obfuscation as the Republicans are and they've decided to get their licks in early. Here's where we're going to find out just how supple McCain's strategy will be. Early returns are not promising.

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