Sunday, September 30, 2007

Indies, Dems: What to Make a Difference?

...Then vote in the Republican primary.

Hillary has the Democratic nomination sewn up. When the press, with its vested interest in close races, can't come up with a compelling scenario where Hillary stumbles, you know it's game over.

If you're an independent or a moderate Democrat, you'll want the best public debate you can get. The future of the United States may be on the line. Certainly the next administration will experience more profound change than at any time since FDR. Unfortunately, we live in interesting times.

So pick the best Republican to debate Hillary. Pick somebody who forces her to explain herself. Pick somebody who will force her to run a centrist campaign. If she's your candidate for the general, she can only benefit from the competition.

It's vital that this campaign gets waged from the center. Political strategies have morphed in the last eight years from picking up swing voters to mobilizing the base. The polarization has to stop. Of course each candidate will toss a bit of red meat to their party's extremists to get them riled up. But the only way to prevent the polarization is to force two moderates to fight for the center. Even if you're a left-of-center voter, you owe the country a decent debate.

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