Thursday, April 17, 2008

Buried In the Debate... this tidbit from Obama:
What the American people want are not distractions. They want to figure out, how are we actually going to deliver on health care; how are we going to deliver better jobs for people; how are we going to improve their incomes; how are we going to send them to college?

That's what we have to focus on. And yes, they are in part frustrated and angry, because this is what passes for our politics in terms -- instead of figuring out, how do we build coalitions to actually move things forward?
Yup, we're just gonna go out and get this stuff for you. As if it's going to be conjured out of thin air.

I'm OK with reasonable regulation. I'm even OK with extracting money for the common weal when the private sector is unlikely to make a go at solving the problem. But I have real problems with the government offering up manna from heaven. Turns out their manna machine is an extremely old model. It breaks down a lot and belches out lots of toxic byproducts.

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