Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pure, Unadulterated Crap

What is the message of Earth Hour? It doesn't appear to be that conservation is a nice idea. Instead, it's more like the opening salvo in a campaign to convince us all that we really don't want to live modern, convenient lives, that we'd all be better back in a pastoral, vaguely pre-industrial paradise.

It's idiocy. It's not going to happen. Only someone with every advantage that modern, energy-hungry society can afford them would even be able to conceive of such hogwash.

Conservation sounds lovely. Indeed, given that the real race is not with global warming, but with how quickly we can make the Middle East largely irrelevant, conservation could get us a year or two closer to that day of ultimate energy independence. But after that year or two, we're still going to be growing energy demands at 2-3% per year, globally. Luddites need not apply .

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