Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How the Candidates Can Debate Each Other As Much As They Like

It occurred to me that there's a way for both candidates to take advantage of the media frenzy that is the election. If one side (aka the current frontrunner) doesn't want to debate, all the other guy/gal has to do is ask pointed questions. A well-organized campaign would have a database of the questions along with whatever answers the other guy makes.

Given that every word one guy utters will be pounced upon and analyzed, there's not much chance that the other guy will be able to avoid answering any question in sufficient detail to be pinned down. So, for example, if John McCain asks, "I'd like Barack Obama to describe where the revenue for the $217 billion in new spending he's proposed will come from," Obama will have to come up with some plausible response or back down from some of his spending proposals. Similarly, if Obama would like McCain to commit to how long he intends to garrison troops in Iraq, McCain will have to go on the record.

Not only is this an excellent strategic weapon, it's a helluva way to get real information out of the candidates. I wonder if anybody will actually try it.

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