Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ultracapacitor Closer to Reality?

EEStor has apparently signed a deal with Lockheed Martin to license its barium titanate ultracapacitor technology. These guys have been around for a while but there's been widespread skepticism that their technology is too good to be true. The Lockheed deal would certainly give them more credibility.

This is one of those game-changers if it lives up to its promise. An ultracapacitor would have an extremely quick charge time, making all-electric vehicles much more feasible, among zillions of other applications.

Somebody's going to crack the electrical storage problem. When they do, all the worrying about CAFE and oil dependence will go away fairly quickly. However, you're still left with the need to generate green electricity and deliver it through a much more robust grid. This is why my list of energy technology initiatives is biased much more toward electricity than it is to alternative energy-storing fuels.

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