Friday, December 14, 2007

The Real Bias of the MSM

I'm feeling a bit paranoid of late. I'm sure that parts of the mainstream media have a liberal bias, while other parts (probably somewhat smaller) have a conservative bias. But what all parts of the MSM have in common is that they have a bias towards making money. They only make money when people watch/listen/read.

I note that coverage for frontrunners Clinton and Giuliani has diminished in quantity and what coverage is left has turned decidedly negative. Meanwhile, coverage for Obama and Huckabee is a love-fest of never-ending quantity.

Oddly enough, the race has tightened! It's become quite exciting! What a horse race! I really want to be informed of the latest developments all the time!! My thumb grows calloused as I frantically flip through the 24/7 news vomitoria looking for the latest tidbit of information.

This is not an accident. This is deliberate manipulation by advertiser-supported media to generate ratings.

Update 12/14/07: This Slate piece is arguing the same point from a slightly different angle.

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