Monday, December 3, 2007

FISA and Telecom Immunity

A cogent case here for why granting the telecoms immunity for FISA violations isn't a good idea. I'd been under the impression that this was mostly the Democrats not wanting to miss an opportunity to bash the Evil Corporations, but Scarborough's comments are well taken. This may easily be just about data mining, with account IDs stripped from the information. It may also just be about international transit traffic, which de facto shouldn't be covered by FISA at all. But if there has been extensive, unwarranted, domestic surveillance, the public ought to know about that. I have a problem forcing a company to defend itself from lawsuits when it's merely complying with an emergency national security request from the government, but full-blown domestic surveillance would be going too far. Seems like you could immunize the telecoms from lawsuits but still force them to comply with a congressional investigation, though.

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