Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Still Trying to Rationalize My Little Ranking Exercise

At the risk of being intellectually dishonest, I'm still wondering why my little weighted scoring exercise didn't comport very well with my mental ranking of the candidates (which I think has Clinton, Romney, and Giuliani all dead even, followed by Obama, followed by a whole bunch of people I wouldn't vote for, ever). Maybe the problem is that a 5-point weighting didn't have enough dynamic range. So I went to a 10-point weighting. Also, I realized I was missing a "leadership" column, so I added one:

So, without further ado, here's the new version:

This is better--McCain and Obama come out really close. I don't like McCain, mostly for his stunningly bad record writing legislation and a vague impression of overall cluelessness, but I guess I like Obama only slightly more. (Please note: If Obama goes off and gets himself elected governor of Illinois for six years, I suspect that he will come back with godlike powers. Right now he's just too damn green--his foreign policy naivete is breathtaking at this point.)

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