Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Celebrations of Sanity

Ann Althouse references this Frank Rich column on the widening disconnect between Giuliani and the religious right. Bottom line: Maybe the Dobson/Perkins/Reed/Bauer axis is about to be revealed as the Oz-like man behind the curtain. When evangelical voters are showing remarkable signs of tolerance, the conditions are set for governance from the center. In the words of Althouse:
Is Rich right about this? I hope so. This is my favorite thing about Giuliani: his potential to bring out the social liberal in the Republican Party.

By the same token, my favorite thing about Hillary Clinton is her potential to bring hawkishness to the Democratic Party.

If this is right and the 2 frontrunners become the nominees, the 2 parties will become more alike and more to my taste. I'm finding that very odd.

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