Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Little Reality Check

From my vaguely right-of-center political position, I inevitably wind up drifting slowly leftward. Then something like this Ezra piece on "merit pay for journalists" will bring me up short.

Note that he's not really talking about merit pay here. He's really talking about equity. He'd like to come up with some objective metrics that would restrict the freedom of action of editors and publishers. Rather than allowing them to pay a journalist based on their perceived value of the journalist, and the journalist being allowed to go where his skills are the most appreciated, Ezra seems to want to remove all discretion and judgment from the process. It's nuts.

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Sergey said...

Reading lots of Ezra posts, I came to conviction that he dreams to remove discretion and consideration from everything at all, reserving this wonderfull traits exclusively for himself.