Thursday, August 9, 2007

Stop the Primary Arms Race

Isn't this primary leap-frogging getting a bit scary? I've always been very happy to have states set and administer their own primaries, but we've now reached the point at which the national welfare is no longer served. Nominating some idiot ten or eleven months before the general election will result in even poorer candidates than we get already.

It may be time to federalize this. Maybe federal law could mandate that states are randomly assigned to one of between five and ten echelons of primaries, therby ensuring that all states get a chance to be relevant at some point or other, but that the nominating process takes a good long while.

It was all very quaint indulging Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina before our current take-no-prisoners politics caused big states to yield to temptation and begin the Primary Arms Race. Now it's time to do something that will be stable and effective. This is a national issue.

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