Friday, February 15, 2008

Clinton, Obama, McCain Spend-o-Meters

I pulled the Obama and Clinton spend-o-meters off of the RNC website. I have made no attempt to verify the claims contained therein. However, anything that looked like one-shot spending I did not include in the spreadsheet below, so this is only multi-year spending.

Here goes:

Pretty big numbers. Note the specificity and quantity of Clinton's proposals. At the very least, she lets you know what she's thinking. Conversely, look at how sparse Obama's proposals have been. Ultimately, I think that's smarter than Clinton's policy-wonk version. Of course, his proposals total more than Clinton's. Go figure.

There are also National Taxpayers Union analyses for Obama, Clinton, and McCain. All of these numbers are normalize to annual spending:

Note that some of the NTU analysis results in unknown spending, so this isn't necessarily everything that's been proposed.

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